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Lancôme touts endless possibilities using Paris as a backdrop

French beauty brand Lancôme is showing that there are infinite possibilities when using its latest eyeshadow palette, Auda[city] in Paris.

Promotions for Lancôme?s Auda[city] in Paris began on social media with a countdown featuring mirrored images of consumers using the palette while also reflecting a tourist attraction found in the French city such as the Eiffel Tower. A link provided brought interested consumers to a Web page where contact information could be shared to be the first to know more about the product?s launch.

Achievable and audacious
Within the launch notification email sent Aug. 10, consumers were introduced to four of the possible ?audacious? looks achievable by using a combination of the 16 shades found in the palette. The four looks included ?The Classic Parisienne,? ?The Audacious Amour,? ?L?Enchantress? and ?L?irrevernat? for styles that range from chic and classic to rebellious and wild.

A click-through on the email body lands on Lancôme?s ecommerce page for the featured product. Here the consumer learns that the Auda[city] in Paris was developed by global creative director of Lancôme makeup, Lisa Eldridge (see story) and is the brand?s first multi-palette made up of 16 shades and four finishes ?that let you bring Paris wherever you go.?

The site also includes a ?join the conversation? section with a #BeAudacious hashtag and a tutorial area broken into 12 possible combinations, although there are limitless options. Each beauty look thumbnail, as with the ones featured in the email, has been given a French-inspired name such as ?The Joie de Vivre? and the ?Belle du Jour.?

A click-through on the beauty look?s thumbnail directs to a page that pinpoints the exact shades needed and where they are located within the palette. For example, The Joie de Vivre? uses four shades: Chouquette, Joie, Santé and It List and other Lancôme products outlined on the side of the Web page.

Each beauty look is accompanied by an approximately minute-long video where Ms. Eldridge takes the consumers step-by-step. A tutorialized element helps the consumer understand the products while showing them that the steps are easy and the looks accessible.

A second video found on the Lancôme Web site serves as a compilation of the beauty looks featured on the ecommerce site.

In the case of Auda[city] in Paris, Lancôme drew inspiration from its city of origin. Similarly, French fashion house Chanel found inspiration in its signature fabric.

Chanel explored aspects of its fashion designs through eyeshadow palettes inspired by its iconic use of tweed fabric to appeal to both established and aspirational consumers. Connecting the Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow palettes to Chanel?s use of tweed fabric in its apparel allows aspirational consumers to access a code of the brand at an entry-level price point (see story).