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Target's groundbreaking musical interlude during Grammys extends to social

Target is building on its ambition to make memorable pop-culture moments during this year?s Grammys with behind-the-scenes access on social media for a live music video with Gwen Stefani. 

The retailer is leveraging various social media video outlets to ramp up its promotional music video for Gwen Stefani?s new album during its run time. The four-minute live music video will take place on a sound stage during the 58th Annual Grammy Awards while complemented by a variety of exclusive content on Snapchat, Periscope and Facebook Live. 

Musical and mobile
Gwen Stefani has partnered with Target for her new album This Is What The Truth Feels Like, which will be available with four extra songs exclusively at the retailer. Target is hoping to create an innovative advertising experience by sponsoring the first music video to be filmed in real time for Ms. Stefani?s new single, Make Me Like You, and tapping into social to maximize its potential reach. 

Target is a known innovator in terms of advertising, and is highly cognizant of the potential social media has in ramping up these efforts. A live feed of the music video and views from behind the scenes will be shared on a Snapchat story, as well as Periscope and Facebook Live streams, which is likely to further incite discussion on these channels regarding the performance and extend its notoriety. 

The performance is a part of Target?s #MoreMusic campaign in a bid to assert itself as a staple in music retail and the industry. For last year?s Grammys, Target sponsored another unique musical sequence with Imagine Dragons in which it purchased another four-minute commercial block and created a branded stage for 
the band to perform on. 

Targeting mobile consumers
In another unique push, Target showed its appreciation for loyal followers by getting ultra personal on Twitter with individual love notes, an attention-grabbing campaign capitalizing on the pull of creativity (see more). 

Also, a recent mobile banner ad from Target enabled viewers to move through a selection of different products and tap a button to make a purchase in an attempt to bring excitement to a format that faces challenges given how small it appears on smartphones (see more).