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Ortega pairs location-based targeting with native social experiences

B&G Foods' Ortega taco shell brand is targeting local Kroger and Walmart shoppers, while valuing social media cross-promotion, in a new campaign exclusive to Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest that pairs recipes with video and GIFs. 

A new Facebook video from Ortega is showcasing different perspectives of a family during taco night, but to create a fully immersive and deeper experience, the brand is matching it with a link to Pinterest for recipes and sharing GIFs on Instagram. Ortega is focusing on individual content respective to each platform, but is weaving it together to create a bigger story, while serving the content via paid advertising as well to those nearby Kroger stores and Walmart customers who bought similar items in the past. 

"We wanted a campaign that really leaned into how consumers are engaging with content today," said  Juv Marchisio, marketing director at B&G Foods. "So, Ortega decided to go digital-only for our If the Shell Fits campaign because we know consumers have enormous interest in, and appetite for, digital video. 

"We love the ability to bring to life Ortega's story and products through engaging digital content including our hero Facebook video, GIFs on Instagram, and beautiful recipe visuals on Pinterest," he said. 

Weaving a story
Ortega?s new Facebook video takes the form of a mock sitcom, with the traditional laugh track while showing different views from various family members sitting around the dinner table. The camera pans around a circular dinner while each member is eating their individual taco product from Ortega as voiceovers express what they are thinking. 
For instance, the camera first focuses on the grandmother who is eating a chicken avocado taco and thinking to herself ?my taco, my rules that is just how it is.? Text on the screen points to her food, labeling recipe she is eating and then the video pans to the father at the table for a similar scene. 

Each family member at the table is showcased with different recipes to show off Ortega?s range. Text at the end of the video prompts users to head to for recipes. 

The content will appear on these social channels through sponsored advertising as well as on its official brand page. 

Social media blitz
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"We utilized Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for the If the Shell Fits campaign because that is where our target demographic--women 25-50 years old--are most active," Mr. Marchisio said. "These social media platforms allow us to share content at scale, and we can ensure our content is seen by that audience on Facebook and Instagram through specific targeting, which is the most impactful way for Ortega to connect with its consumers right now."