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TBS' largest-ever social campaign spoofs common tropes

TBS is recreating the fun of its cop parody series Angie Tribeca on social media by tapping into common tropes with mock Facebook DIY videos, Instagram memes, interactive Snapchat lenses and inspirational Pinterest quotes, for the network's biggest social media campaign to date. 

Popular user behaviors on social media opens up the opportunity for a wide range of content on par with the satire motif for Angie Tribeca. The series is ramping up its second season premiere with content that will appeal to users by tapping into popular themes, but will stand out through its unique comedy. 

"We knew it would not be easy to follow up the hugely successful #TribecaBinge from season one," said Missy Chambless, senior vice president of brand marketing at TBS. "But we are fortunate to have a passionate fan base and a show that is well produced for today?s online user behavior.

"Angie is clippable, snackable, chunkable," she said. "It can be adapted to the Web in a seamless manner and that?s what we did.

"We took the show, tossed it into the Internet blender and created a war chest full of micro videos, one liners, puns, and tropes that will feel familiar and hopefully grab the viewer?s ever elusive attention."

Social media comedy 

Posts on Facebook follow the common idea of do-it-yourself videos for baking, crafts and at-home project. Angie Tribeca launches a series of its own with a more ridiculous theme that are based off of the first season such as baking a drug cake from a birdseye view angle, similar to those seen often from common Facebook accounts such as Tasty. 

On Twitter a long storied multi-tweet recap of the first season will be posted throughout the day today, indicative of the rising sensation of stories told through a series of posts going viral. Fans on Instagram will also be able to view and shared images relating to the trend of memes with the text ?that feeling when...? and a corresponding photo that represents a common issue or event, but with show-related images. 

Moments from season one will be shared on Snapchat but including popular filters and facial recognition lenses that have become an icon since their launch on the mobile messaging platform. Also comedic inspirational quotes on Pinterest will be pinned to various boards and GIFs will be shared on Tumblr. 

Comprehensive social campaigning
Simliarly, Unilever called out ads built around always-sexy guys in an irreverent mobile-first effort delivering surprise customized videos and showcasing how Axe can make users cool, even when they are not (see more). 

Starwood?s Aloft Hotels also tapped into MTV?s pull on social media for a series of musical performances, leveraging Instagram, Facebook video and Snapchat Discover to cater to a young, trendy demographic (see more). 

"Angie is a satirical show and social media platforms are often naturally satirical," Ms. Chambless said. "So we have embraced the idea of native content for both this campaign and the show overall.

"We do not have to change or recreate the voice for social as it works naturally," she said. "This idea allows fans to experience and connect with the show's most popular moments in a digestible format that is native to each specific social platform."