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Perfect365 blends beauty influencers, augmented reality, products to drive sales

Beauty retailers such as Ipsy and Nudstix are among the several brands reaping the benefits of Perfect365's new Explore tab that allows users to browse augmented reality videos from their favorite social influencers to better find and buy products. 

Perfect365 is tapping into the popularity of both its mobile app and social media moguls to give brands better visibility and show off certain products and looks. The new Explore tab allows users to browse what is happening on the app with popular makeup tutorial creators with videos that feature products on the stars via augmented reality. 

?Because Explorer is an entirely new community within Perfect365, it provides a new and more interactive virtual makeup environment,? said Vickie Wei, director of marketing at Perfect365. ?With this immersive layout, brands can surface their products directly in the ?all looks? style feed and within individual looks. 

?Perfect365 can create a page within Explorer for brands who want to create multiple digital makeovers with their products,? she said. ?In addition, because of the new LIVE try-it window, potential buyers can try on looks in real time from all angles, and see the recommended products directly below their video on the same screen.?

Perfecting mobile experiences

But now, Perfect365 is giving even better visibility to its brand partners by showing off video content from popular beauty bloggers from YouTube and Instagram. Users can click the app and browse through makeup videos via all videos or listed makeup artists.

The videos include step-by-step instructions to achieve the look in real life, as well as a Shop the Look section that features every product and a link to purchase.

Users can save their favorite videos by selecting the favorite video for future reference.  

Augmenting marketing pushes
Makeup brand Urban Decay similarly brought beauty product augmented reality experiences into the mainstream by giving Snapchat users a preview of its try-on app through a special lens filter that shows what different lipstick shades would look like on someone's face (see more). 

Covergirl was also another in a growing line of beauty marketers embracing augmented reality with its own app that featured a long questionnaire for a more personalized approach (see more). 

?We see the Explorer Community as another step forward in the advancement of digital beauty, where our brands and artists can service content directly to our millions of users,? Ms. Wei said. ?While the existing Perfect365 environment will still exist, the new Explorer section offers an improved flow and direct access to looks, products, tips and tutorials from artists and brands. 

?It also allows users to try on the virtual makeup immediately, without stopping to snap a photo,? she said.