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Redbox aims to be entertainment destination with app update

Video rental service Redbox is attempting to become the go-to place for all things movie-related with its mobile application update, which integrates with users? social media and allows consumers to add film reviews. 

The app was updated with the new features, allowing users to seamlessly post through social platforms regarding movies they are interested in, along with viewer ratings. The upgrade moves Redbox further into a hub for all things film, gaming and entertainment, as it is becoming a one-stop shop for movie fans. 

"People are social and brands must follow," said Michael Becker, co-founder and managing Partner, at mCordis. "If a brand?s digital presence is not integrated with the network, sharing, participatory economy of today, it will rapidly find its presence relegated to irrelevance. 

"In the world of social media, brands are invited guests," he said. "RedBox, by adding integrated social media elements to its app, is opening itself up to the world and enabling its most loyal customers, those that have chosen to use its app, to the customer's personal community.  

"This is very powerful and has an additive effect on the brand."

Reviewing relevancy 
Consumers are more interested in peer-to-peer reviews now than ever before. The digital and mobile space has created an environment where an infinite amount of information is at users? fingertips. 

Not only in the entertainment world, but for retail as well, consumers are getting a wide range of information for other users and users now come to expect that. Redbox introducing reviews into its app means that consumers will come to the app for more product information, and in turn are more likely to engage with the brand. 

Prior to this, users were likely to come to the Redbox strictly for information regarding use of its services, meaning that visiting consumers most likely already know they are going to use the service. With the incorporation of reviews, Redbox now has the chance to pull in a wide range of consumers looking for more information on films and games. 

A movie fan may be interested in a particular film, and want to read what others through of it. These users can now access the Redbox app for this reason, and in turn can be persuaded to use its services. 

Without adding in a rating system, consumers are likely to turn elsewhere for this information. 

The consumer reviews are showcased on each individual film?s page. For instance if a user is interested in the film Insurgent, a list of details about the film is showcased with a sample rating underneath. 

The reviewer posts a comment regarding their feelings on the film, along with a one  to five star rating such as ?absolutely loved this one as well as the first,? paired with five stars. If the user is looking for more reviews, clicking the see all reviews button congregates a list of user-generated quotes and stars. 

Users can also share the film via social media by clicking on the arrow above the film, which shares a link to Redbox page. 

Redbox revives rentals
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"Consumers trust other consumers, it is a simple and well researched fact," Mr. Becker said.  "Moreover, reviews amplify a brands presence. 

"Customer reviews become part of the the global conversation," he said. "They are indexed by search engines, tweeted, re-tweeted, liked and shared, and become part of the the the brands presence, the brand experiences.  Let us not forget, today, a brand is not just its product or service but the collection of all experiences and touch-points someone has with it.

"When entering in to the realm of customer reviews and opening themselves up to the world, a brand must be ready for whatever comes their way. People speak with their own voice, not the brand voice.  Brands must be prepared to hear the people and accept that the people?s voice will shape the brand experience, for everyone."

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Marketer