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Reebok sees correlation between interactive media and sales

BOSTON ? A Reebok executive at eTail East 2015 talked up interactive experiences as the right path for engaging consumers via mobile and digital, with the brand currently implementing a variety of experiences along these lines. 

During the Getting Your Brand Marketing Program to Drive Sales session, the executive explained how the brand is cognizant that interactive marketing efforts via mobile is more effective. The brand has tracked a correlation between these marketing efforts and higher sales, showing how that platforms that directly engage with consumers are compelling. 

"On one side we are a brand and on the other side we are a retailer," said Mark Whitehead, head of global digital marketing at Reebok. "On the one side we develop a brand image and the sales will magically drop down. 

"Unfortunately on the brand side for the last 20 years or so Reebok has not been so strong," he said. 

Brand vs retailer
Other fitness apparel brands such as Nike and Adidas have dominated a branded image that appeals to consumers. Mr. Whitehead has acknowledge that while Reebok has been successful in terms of sales it has not been as effective in terms of its brand representation. 

Its recent Be More Human campaign took this in another direction. Using social media and mobile tactics the brand was able to connect with consumers on a more human level. 

The brand leveraged common aspects of being human, and dared consumers to push themselves harder, acting almost as a friend or personal trainer and giving a fellow comrade the tools to push themselves.  Reebok encouraged social media users to share selfies of their bodies in natural form free of makeup and filters. 

Reebok also shared images that shared the scientific connection between exercising and happy brains. Most importantly the brand developed an interactive mobile test named Human Score, in which users took a test to determine their fitness personality. 

The test asked users a series of questions and generated a score at the end. For instance a user with a score of 82 was labeled a Fit Spirit. 

The platform listed their weakness and strengths and gave personality summaries. Consumers really enjoy interacting with this format of content, and in turn Reebok saw an uptick in sales. 

Successful sales
The brand saw an increase in sales following 14 days after the launch of social media videos encompassing this human mindset of pushing yourself to achieve a goal. Through numbers Reebok knows that the best method in connecting to consumers is leveraging interacting tools that play on everyday human concepts. 

"We genuinely believe that if you go out and challenge yourself mentally and physically, you will realize a positive result in mental and physical aspects," Mr. Whitehead said. "We genuinely believe you will be a better person for it. We believe we have the best products for those things. 

"That itself appeals to consumers," he said. 

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Marketer