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Burberry puckers up to acquaint consumers with beauty offerings

British apparel and accessories house Burberry is showcasing the diversity of its lip color collection through a multifaceted digital push.

Through social posts, digital video and ecommerce content, Burberry acquaints consumers with the range, which varies from sheer to full coverage. Beauty products can be a difficult sell outside of the cosmetic counter, but helping consumers get acquainted with the different features and applications may help inspire ecommerce purchases.

?Burberry seems to have done a nice job of re-optimizing its content for specific platforms,? said Alexandra Press, director of digital at Tag Creative, New York. ?Obviously the original launch of the campaign which Mario Testino shot with Suki was fabulous so it?s great to see them utilizing its content in this next push.

?While it seems obvious, you will be surprised how many brands are only now just realizing how important platform specific content is,? she said. ?I love the desktop application of being able to try on the shade and how it seamlessly links to its ecommerce site.

?I think Burberry is making a cognizant effort to show its full breadth of creative capabilities complimented with smart strategic thinking.?

Ms. Press is not affiliated with Burberry, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Burberry was unable to comment directly before press deadline.

Saturated smooches
While Burberry shared some content to Instagram, the majority of the campaign is running on Facebook and Twitter. This enables the brand to link to product pages to promote direct purchases, whereas Instagram does not allow for hyperlinks within posts.

The brand introduced its Full Kisses collection with campaign imagery, which shows model Suki Waterhouse canoodling with model and Of Empires drummer George LePage.

In a social video, Burberry captures the various lip products as dominoes, with Burberry Kisses Sheer tubes knocking each other over, setting off a chain reaction. From there, the Burberry Full Kisses tubes roll over and into a set of First Kiss balms.

Eventually, a series of glosses arranged in the shape of lips topple.

In a tutorial, makeup artist Wendy Rowe first speaks of the vibrant color that can be achieved with one swipe of Full Kisses. She then has model Amber Anderson demonstrate the ease of application, guiding each movement across her pout as she creates a deep red lip.

For Burberry?s loyal audience, Ms. Anderson will likely be a familiar face, as she co-starred in its recently released Mr. Burberry campaign (see story).

When consumers click-through on these posts, they are taken to the lip product page of Burberry?s ecommerce site.

At the top of the page is an option to ?try it on.? After clicking the button, a pop-up window appears. A photo of bare lips appears, with an animated icon instructing the consumer to apply the ?first kiss of color.?

By holding the cursor down and swiping over the pictured mouth, the user can add a light tint to the lips. Showing the buildable capabilities of the product, it prompts the consumer to add two more swipes, making a progressively darker look.

Also at the top of the landing page is an option to view a video. This brings consumers into the Burberry Kisses campaign, which shows Ms. Waterhouse and Mr. LePage on the brink of a kiss.

?I think the proposition of its build-able color is interesting, and it?s a shame it wasn?t asserted earlier in the creative as it certainly is an idea that would appeal to women who like to customize their color cosmetics,? Ms. Press said.

?There is no doubt this product is a luxury item probably affordable to women a little older than Suki, but nevertheless she embodies the carefree, fun-loving girl, and this campaign is certainly fun and flirty,? she said.

Entry-level appeal
While a newer part of Burberry?s offerings, beauty has been a key focus in recent years.

British fashion label Burberry has opened a new digitally enhanced retail location to showcase its recently launched beauty line.

The Burberry Beauty Box, located in London?s Covent Garden, carries Burberry?s beauty, fragrance and accessory lines, and offers consumers the ability to discover the brand?s cosmetics through both sales associate consultations and digital touchpoints, including mobile checkout. By creating a space specifically for its beauty line, Burberry is able to encourage consumer interaction with its beauty products, drive sales of the new line and test out new retail tactics (see story).

Guided selling tactics are used by the majority of beauty marketers to encourage discovery, exploration and decision-making, but brands often make tactical missteps that diminish effectiveness, according to a new report by L2.

L2?s ?Beauty: Guided Selling? Insight Report found that ecommerce sales in the beauty sector have increased in part by the incorporation of guided selling practices ranging from content blended with personalization to interactive tools and navigational filters to a combination of approaches. These tactics have helped widen the consumers? scope by inspiring the purchase of new products, rather than relying on ecommerce to simply replenish favorites (see story).

?2016 is the year of the content everywhere strategy,? Ms. Press said. ?We are seeing more and more brands developing content to fit social platforms.

?Discovery has been changing dramatically over the past couple of years due to the way people are embracing cross-device viewing,? she said.

?Facebook still has a lot of power and it offers Burberry the ability to hyper target due to the huge viewership base. For a product like ?Kisses? that has 28 shades, this offers a wealth of opportunities for Burberry to talk to the right audience. I think this strategy makes perfect sense for the brand.?