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Bravo partners with Shazam in interactive promotion for new series

Shazam is proving to be an effective tool for media marketers looking to continue interacting with fans following on air-television spots and in-theater ads. Bravo is the most recent network to leverage the pull of the responsive application by prompting users to ?shazam? the app while on air promos of its new show, Après Ski is airing to view the first episode prior to its premiere. 

"At Bravo, we strive to push the envelope when it comes to the innovative ways we go beyond the linear network to reach our highly-connected audience," said Maria Laino DeLuca, senior vice president of consumer and trade marketing at Bravo Media. "Through this partnership with Shazam, a key mobile platform for our target audience, we?re thrilled to be the first network to offer our fans this unique VIP sneak peek of the first episode of our newest docu-series ?Après Ski? in its entirety a full two weeks before the network premiere." 

Shazam integration
The new docu-series on Bravo follows a group of employees working for a luxury winter ski concierge service. Shazam users from October 19 to November 2 will be treated to a sneak preview of the first episode, before its official airing. 

The network is also prompting users to get involved while the ads and series is airing through social media with a hashtag for the show and tagging Bravo?s pages, a common tactic for television programming which seems to be growing. Fans can view related social media content through the #ApresSki hashtag and follow the network through the tag @BravoTV. 

The series will also be available on Bravo?s TV Everywhere platform in which fans can view content on their mobile or desktop devices, as well as various On Demands services. 

Interactive experiences
Similarly, Sony Pictures gave fans a full-immersion experience for its upcoming Goosebump?s film by serving extra content and a sweepstakes to Shazam users who turn on the application during the film?s credits (see more).

Bravo was also a part of a social media call-to-action in partnership with Dubsmash, featuring fans? videos on air and showcasing the impact that mobile has on television programming (see more). 

"Many of our tech-savvy Bravo fans already know and actively use Shazam for its ability to seamlessly connect them to the content they crave," said Ms. Laino DeLuca. "With this partnership, we hope to meet our engaged audience where they are, on their mobile devices, and provide them with an exclusive first look at Après Ski before its official network launch.

"We know this partnership will drive buzz and anticipation for our newest docu-series, and that fans will continue to tune in to see what unfolds both on and off the slopes," she said. 

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Marketer