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Tecate Light taps YouTube?s Playlist Cards for sequential storytelling

Heineken?s Tecate Light beer brand is an early adopter of YouTube?s new Playlist Cards, enabling the brand to tell a story in episodes while giving viewers the ability to watch the series all at once or in installments. 

The strategy is being used to support the brand?s new ?One Bold Night? short film, which focuses on a night on the town while offering viewers a chance to win a party that will be filmed for another episode in the series. The Playlist Card technology helps brands grab the attention of mobile users for longer periods of time, with one piece of content directly leading viewers into the next. 

?Tecate Light is the first Hispanic and alcoholic beverage brand to use YouTube?s new Playlist Card to tell a sequential story in the short film ?One Bold Night,?? said Belen Pamukoff, brand director for Tecate. ?In the four-part series, the story centers on the brand?s Black Eagle and is told from the point-of-view of a friend who is filming their epic night from his mobile phone. 

?This is the latest example of how Tecate is bringing to life their iconic Black Eagle from the Born Bold campaign that debuted in March,? she said. 

An epic night
The campaign is part of a bigger brand initiative called Born Bold that was launched earlier this year and targets bi-cultural Mexican millennials. 

The One Bold Night short film is delivered in four 60-second episodes and depicts the Tecate Light Black Eagle mascot?s various experiences in one evening, including basement boxing and a penthouse party. The film is shot from the point-of-view of a friend?s mobile phone.  

At the end of the fourth installment, viewers are invited to submit photos of their own nighttime adventures out with friends. 

The best photos submitted through the brand's Facebook and Twitter channels using the #OneBoldNight hashtag will be transformed into branded social media posts, with consumers competing for the most "likes" and "shares."  

The winner will receive a party from Tecate Light, which will be filmed, edited and released as the conclusion to the One Bold Night film.

Popular playlists
Leveraging YouTube's new Playlist Card platform is one of the ways that the Tecate Light brand is attempting to deliver on its on-going social engagement strategy to create culturally relevant content delivered in bold new ways that resonate with a bi-cultural Hispanic audience. 

?The call to action for the consumer is to watch the trailer which then naturally leads you into parts one through four because of the episodic nature of the story and technology,? Ms. Pamukoff said. ?At the conclusion of part four, Tecate is inviting consumers 21 and older to continue where the last video left off for a chance to win a party that will be filmed, edited and distributed as part five.

?Consumers are already used to playlists whether it?s from how they play their music or watch their Web videos, and this allows Tecate as a brand to keep all the 'One Bold Night' videos linked because our data shows, if you are interested in the first video you?ll likely enjoy the second, third and so on,? she said. 

?We liken it to a Netflix model where all the content is available for viewing at once.?

Over-indexing on mobile
With mobile video views growing and YouTube?s user base strong oriented towards mobile, the campaign is likely to skew heavily toward mobile users. 

Tecate Light points to research from Nielsen showing that Hispanic consumers spend more time consuming digital video, downloading apps and surfing the Web on their smartphones than the rest of the U.S. 

The overarching Born Bold program targets bi-cultural Hispanics in Arizona, California, New Mexico, Nevada and Texas. According to the brand, there are 21 million bi-cultural Hispanics in these states who were born in Mexico and now live in America. 

The 42-week campaign includes radio, out-of-home, digital, social and television. 

?The role of mobile for One Bold Night is two parts,? Ms. Pamukoff said. 

?One, is all about the consumption of content where we know our demographic is already over indexing ? which is across social, video and mobile,? she said. ?We?ve spent a lot of time digging into how Hispanic biculturals consume content through Nielsen?s Q2 2014 Cross-Platform Report and the 2014 ComScore study and we are creating content which reflects the data. 
?Two, it's about creating content to share with us through Facebook and Twitter for a chance to win your own One Bold Night party which we?ll film, edit and distribute across our social platforms to once again, be consumed.?

Final Take
Chantal Tode is senior editor on Mobile Marketer, New York