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Warner Bros. sends personalized mobile video invites to see The 33

Warner Bros. embraces personalization in a campaign delivering mobile videos created for specific opted-in users that hype the release of the studio's new film The 33. 

The film studio is sending personalized emails and videos to subscribers, ramping up awareness for last weekend?s release of The 33, correlating with the marketing industry?s move towards personalized ads rather than simply informing consumers of products or events. Fans of Warner Bros. who have subscribed, received emails with links to a video trailer including their name and quotes based on demographic information. 

?Personalized video emails and/or newsletters were sent to Warner Bros.,, Marcus Theatres and Southern Theatres mailing lists, representing millions of opted in movie goers,? said Eric Frankel, CEO and Founder of AdGreetz. ?The results were high open, click-through and viewership rates.?

AdGreetz is the developer behind the call-to-action campaign, focused on driving greater personalization innovations within marketing. 

Warner Bros. invites you
Fans of Warner Bros. who have chosen to receive email updates and newsletters were treated to a personal invitation to purchase tickets for The 33, which released to theaters on Friday. Viewers followed links to watch the trailer for the film, and were surprised to see the video personally addressed to them, 62 percent of which viewed on mobile. 

The video takes the form of a traditional trailer but as it starts the name of the user is incorporated with text and a narrator saying their name while mentioning it is currently in theaters or, prior to Friday, opening on March 13. The viewer?s name is mentioned at the end as well, encouraging she or he to purchase tickets. 

Users can buy tickets on the landing page of the campaign as well and many film retailers partnered in the innovation as well. A few big theater chains such as Marcus Theatres, Southern Theatres and also sent out the videos to their subscribers, severely increasing the audience for the campaign. 
The partnership worked out for both retailer and distributor, as the campaign promoted the film while driving sales for the retailer, but funded by Warner Bros. 

Mobile and brands
While personal mobile video is growing severely, marketers are frequently taking to this platform to draw consumers in. 

For instance, Fabric softener brand Snuggle geared up for Valentine?s Day by offering snuggling tips online and encouraging consumers to share a snug by creating a personalized video, featuring its teddy bear mascot, to share with friends and family via social media channels and email (see more). 

Women?s apparel retailer Project Gravitas bridged print and mobile by sharing positive messages created on the Vivoom application inside boxes delivered to customers (see more). 

Mobile is becoming the main portal is serving these individualized innovations. 

?With every campaign that AdGreet deploys, for many of the largest brands in the world, the majority of the views for our smart hyper-relevant personalized video messages are on mobile devices,? Mr. Frankel said. ?Mobile is the primary source for viewership, followed by desktop and then tablets, and growing every day.?

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Marketer