57 ads
53 unique advertisers*
$7M price per 30-second ad
0% price increase for ads from 2023
Note: *Not including advertisements from FX and Universal
(Source: Multiple media outlets)

115.5M people tuned into Super Bowl LVIII (Source: AdImpact)


Where viewers tuned into the Super Bowl

Linear TV was most popular but streaming held its own.
Winners and Losers

Top 5 ads from USA Today Ad Meter by sentiment

State Farm walked away with the highest rated ad.

Worst 5 ads from USA Today Ad Meter by sentiment

A political ad was the lowest ranked ad of the night.
Social Media

2.65M post were made from over 500,000 accounts. Amounting to 11,000 mentions per minute. (Source: Brandwatch)

Taylor Swift was mentioned over 148,000 times. In total, 5.6% of all Super Bowl mentions included the singer. This is significantly higher than the 1.1% of mentions received by the most talked about player - her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs. (Source: Brandwatch)

Top performing brands by social media mentions

Temu proved to be the top performing brand, followed closely by Verizon.

News Graphics Developer Jasmine Ye Han also contributed to this article.