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Inviting proposals for Mobile Marketing Week Sept. 5-9

Mobile Marketer is pleased to announce the launch of Mobile Marketing Week, a global celebration of mobile advertising, marketing and media. Proposals and ideas for celebrations are welcome.

Mobile Marketing Week will run Sept. 5-9, 2011 in all major capitals and commercial hubs worldwide, including New York, London, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Oslo, Madrid, Athens, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Sydney, Auckland, Bombay, New Delhi, Karachi, Tokyo, Toronto, Vancouver, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Cairo and Johannesburg.  

?The goal is to get brands, ad agencies, media, wireless carriers and marketing service providers to come together and spend a glorious week celebrating what is arguably the most powerful, disruptive, engaging, social and personal medium of all time ? mobile,? said Mickey Alam Khan, editor in chief of Mobile Marketer and Mobile Commerce Daily, New York.

?Mobile?s role in advertising, marketing and media is on course to redefine the relationship between brand and consumer, agency and marketing partner and publisher and advertiser,? he said. ?Why not spend an entire week immersed in celebrating the new reality, sharing experiences simultaneously with marketers from across the world??

Mobile Marketing Week celebrations will be held nationwide in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles and Atlanta, as well as New York. 

The physical celebrations will be supported by social media updates via Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

Mobile Marketing Week will also include Mobile Advertising Week and Mobile Media Week.

Organized by Mobile Marketer in association with global partners, the weeklong events will include:

? Mobile Marketer?s Mobile Marketing Summit: Holiday Focus 2011 on Thursday, Sept. 8, in New York 
? Mobile Marketer?s Mobile?s Night Out party, New York, Wednesday, Sept. 7
? Bring a Brand to Work Day ? worldwide
? Bring a Mobile Marketing Partner to Work Day ? worldwide
? Mobile Advertising Campaign Week ? worldwide 
? Try a New Mobile Ad Unit Week ? worldwide 
? Breakfast seminars ? worldwide
? Cocktail hours ? worldwide 
? Street parties ? worldwide 
? Free Product Trial Week ? worldwide
? Appoint a Chief Mobile Officer ? worldwide 
? Mobile Innovation of the Week ? worldwide 
? A Very Valid Excuse to Party ? worldwide 

?While the atmosphere is intended to be festive, another goal of Mobile Marketing Week is educating marketers, ad agencies, media and marketing partners about the virtues of mobile and how it gives legs to other mediums and channels,? Mr. Alam Khan said. 

?Mobile Marketing Week will not be yet another committee-driven, stultifying affair, but instead a vibrant celebration of the best that mobile has to offer,? he said. 

The events will take place in offices, bars and restaurants, conference venues, outdoor piazzas and members?-only clubs of repute. 

Conveners and representatives of local Mobile Marketing Weeks are expected to be upright executives with the right experience and spirit willing to carry mobile?s flag with pride. Hosts are free to invite whom they want.

How to participate
Companies that would like to participate and host Mobile Marketing Week celebrations in their cities and regions should email ideas and proposals (maximum 500 words with venue, date, time, focus and target audience details) to Mickey Alam Khan at

All proposals should be sent in Word documents. The deadline is July 18. 

Selected ideas and the entire Mobile Marketing Week schedule will be published in Mobile Marketer?s Mobile Marketing Week Handbook. 

The handbook will be freely distributed to Mobile Marketer readers and to those executives interested in attending events in their markets and beyond.

Companies interested in advertising in the Mobile Marketing Week Handbook should email for rates and availability. Inquiries for joint title sponsorships should also be sent to that email.

A record of key Mobile Marketing Week celebrations worldwide will be compiled separately and distributed to the entire Mobile Marketer audience of brands, agencies, publishers, retailers, marketing service providers and wireless carriers.

?Does mobile need another excuse to party? Yes, it does,? Mr. Alam Khan said. ?The celebrations mark not just the milestones achieved, but of those to come. The Mobile Century has arrived, and what?s a little fanfare to launch a new era??