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Tic Tac sees 7.94pc engagement rate with rich-media ad

Tic Tac saw a 7.94 percent engagement rate with its October Shake, Share and Care rich media campaign, pointing to the importance of targeting a correct audience with an engaging unit.

The campaign ran in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month and promoted Tic Tac?s special Strawberry Fields-flavored pink mints edition. Tic Tac partnered with Zenith and Kargo to roll out the mobile ad on publications with a Breast Cancer Awareness October issue.

?Strategic brand alignment was key for this initiative,? said Kevin Canty, New York-based vice president of East Coast sales at Kargo. ?We worked closely with the Ferrero and the Tic Tac Zenith team to target the female consumer with a product, Strawberry Fields Tic Tacs, developed specifically for breast cancer awareness month.?

?At the core of this unit was functionality and utility delivered to the consumer, which evolved from a Shake, Share and Care brand message,? he said.

?We developed an overlay that wasn't intrusive to the premium audience but extremely engaging. Enabling the user to share their experience to Facebook, the interactive unit was not only creative and social, but also emulated how one would use the real Tic Tac product.?

Target audience
The Tic Tac ad was a pink banner ad at the bottom of the page that had a picture of the Strawberry Fields Tic Tacs and a Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon. The ad read, ?Shake share and care? and asked consumers to ?Tap here now.

When consumers clicked on the ad, it expanded to the whole screen and said ?Shake it up for more,? with Tic Tacs moving around the screen when consumers shook their phone. If consumers tapped a Tic Tac, they would be directed to Tic Tac?s Facebook page.

The Tic Tac ad ran within mobile publications such as Life & Style, Shape and InTouch. Each of these publications ran their own Breast Cancer Awareness issue, so presumably its readers would appreciate a similarly themed ad.

Additionally, the ad ran on Extra, Entertainment Tonight and OK! To reach millennial audiences.

The ad saw an expansion rate of 0.72 percent and an engagement rate of 7.94 percent. Additionally, users spent an average of 17.8 seconds within the unit.

Mobile Tic Tac
Tic Tac has invested a lot in mobile over the past couple of years.

For example, the company rolled out a mobile game ad unit last year to drive awareness of the brand and its Viewr application (see story).

The Viewr app lets users interact directly with the brand?s outdoor and print advertising as well as product packaging via an augmented reality experience. It was meant to drive repeat engagement for digital-savvy millennials (see story).

Tic Tac also rolled out an interactive, augmented-reality enabled Times Square billboard that let passersby put themselves in the billboard using their smartphones and the Tic Tac Times Square application (see story).

?Mobile is ingrained in everyone?s day-to-day lifestyle and what Ferrero and Tic Tac has done well over the years in enabling their product to do the same,? Mr. Canty said. ?The social and personal attributions of mobile fit so well with the brand; it?s nice to see more and more brands understand how to activate those qualities.?

Final Take
Rebecca Borison is editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer, New York