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Jeep drives interactive mobile video views through optimized banner ads

The campaign saw 30 percent of impressions with a view-time of more than one minute through an experience that brought interested users to a dedicated campaign page featuring the interactive mobile video. The banner ad reduced the number of page views from uninterested users by only opening the site when the reader tapped on the ad for a significant amount of time, eliminating negative sentiment and making a stronger impression.

?InSkin's smartphone format stands out not only in terms of the results, the campaign achieved a 95 percent viewability rate, but also its creative capacity,? said Nicky Traynor, display account manager at Maxus, the agency behind the campaign. ?Especially on mobile, we are increasingly aware of the importance of ads being non-intrusive, so to be able to balance the creative implementation with the user experience aspect is ideal.  

?I have not seen another mobile Web format that delivers in both of those areas.? 

Maxus and Jeep tapped into the solution InSkin for the mobile banner ad campaign.

Mobile optimization 

Users were able to safely scroll through the articles without accidentally being taken to the ad campaign's Web site by creating an interface in which only users that tap on the ad for an extended period of time will be taken to Jeep?s site. The campaign site featured an interactive mobile video that paired Jeep campaign content with content from the blockbuster film Batman v Superman.

Jeep walked viewers through operation of its Renegade vehicle by prompting users to complete motions such as turning the Selec-Terrain to select the Rock option. The video then shows an example of the vehicle driving through rocky terrain. 

Mobile advertising
Groupon, StubHub and Spotify were among a multitude of marketers similarly hoping to circumvent the anti-advertising attitude of consumers through a solution that effectively pairs mobile ads with publishers' content (see more).

Combe Incorporated?s Just for Men also targeted sports fan by advertising on mobile application theScore with an interactive quiz, producing a brand lift of 24 percent (see more).

?The format has been creatively and technically tailored for optimum performance on smartphone devices, designed with the user in mind,? said Tom Knapp, chief operating officer at InSkin Media. ?We work with our publisher partners to reflow the site content to accommodate the format, i.e. the optimum font size is maintained as the site width is narrowed, to preserve a good user experience. 

?Because the ad wraps the page, it never obscures publisher content, and it loads 'politely' in the background so that it doesn't affect page load time,? he said. ?From a creative perspective, it supports high resolution displays (retina), animation is restricted, to protect the user experience and brand integrity, and we do not incorporate any swipe or shake gimmicks that can cause issues on delivery.  

?'Clicks' are only triggered by deliberate taps, which require the user to hold the action for a short time; the user can touch the ad format, yet still scroll or zoom a page, without triggering any undesired action."