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USA Today delivers content to travelers? pockets with new blog

USA Today?s travel section has relaunched its Business Travel hub with a mobile-optimized blog that focuses on shareable content for social media in an attempt to be the go-to source for frequent travelers. 

The blog, named Road Warriors Voices, uses consumers' need for short, snackable content and tendency to share interesting tidbits through social media. Social media stamps are located on each post for seamless sharing, which creates a greater awareness and reaches a larger audience for the blog and brand. 

"USA Today has always had a strong connection to frequent travelers," said Tom Miller, director of marketing at USA Today Travel. "Road Warriors is composed of thousands of frequent business travelers who provide insights to business travel trends and topics.  

"Social media provides Road Warriors around the nation with yet another platform to easily inform and share insight with relevant audiences," he said. "Road Warrior Voices allows USA Today Travel to publish buzz worthy sharable content in a real-time travel blog format. 

"Making content social friendly and easily shareable allows the information to be more discoverable among like-minded audiences, especially the millennial frequent travelers."

Choice Hotels is the exclusive sponsor for Road Warriors Voices, giving it a direct access to its main demographic. 

Content to go 
USA Today Travel?s demographic is constantly on-the-go, which makes the need for quick content even greater. Mobile is where these consumers are; while continually traveling, mobile is the only consistent source they have, making it imperative for the brand to reach this demographic through the mobile sphere. 

For Choice Hotels, the partnership comes at an ideal time due to the current revamping of its room design and loyalty program. Banner advertisements from the brand are located on the blog's mobile and online pages.

USA Today focuses on content with high engagement in an omnichannel format. The media brand is completely aware of the importance of connecting to consumers through social media, and the social shareability of the blog is an extension of that. 

The name of the blog encompasses the goal of giving these travelers, or road warriors, a place to express themselves and be understood. 

Road Warrior Voices has an easy-to-read format with snappy headlines and content, featuring trending material in the travel space, making it an easy read through mobile and travel. 

Not only does this venture create greater brand awareness, but it also authenticates the brand image, further securing USA Today Travel?s place in the business travel world. USA Today has been known for its history in travel, and constantly evolving and updating that brand image is important to stay current in the media industry. 

Vitally concise
Brands and publications must work hard for their content to stand out amid a flood of content in today?s mobile-centric and social media-filled landscape, according to executives from Buzzfeed and Mondelez International at Forrester?s recent Forum for Marketing Leaders (see more). 

The New York Times also knows the importance of developing on-the-go content and has started crafting one-sentence stories specifically for Apple Watch users to extend the newsgathering organization?s efforts to cater to individual consumers, a growing priority for mobile marketers in the publishing industry (see more). 

"USA Today Travel has been connecting travelers to news and information for over 30 years," Mr. Miller said. "Road Warrior Voices gives frequent travelers another way to consume and share Travel information, advice and tips from a news organization they trust. 

"The goal for revamping our content is to ensure we continue to deliver trusted travel content to our on- the go connected audience, on the platforms that they consume this news and information," he said.

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Marketer and Mobile Commerce Daily