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Clorox taps mobile to brand itself an authority in stain removal

The Clorox Co. is using mobile as part of its ongoing strategy to cement its authority in stain removal.

Clorox has launched the myStain mobile application for the iPhone and iPod touch, with plans for an Android version in mid-June. The application aims to show consumers that Clorox understands the embarrassment that comes with life's little, or bottle-sized, mishaps and that the brand is there to help.

?We're using the app as a way to demonstrate to our consumers that  Clorox is constantly thinking of new, creative ways to help them solve laundry problems, in this case, getting out stains,? said David Kellis, senior group manager of marketing communications at Clorox, Oakland, CA. 

?It demonstrates that we're cutting-edge in how we provide stain solutions and that we can have a little fun with it,? he said.  

The Clorox Co. is a manufacturer and marketer of consumer packaged goods products. 

Clorox markets Green Works natural cleaners, Fresh Step and Scoop Away cat litter, Kingsford charcoal, Hidden Valley dressings, KC Masterpiece sauces and Brita water-filtration systems.

The application provides consumers with stain removal tips in real time, as stains happen.

MyStain offers both on-the-go and at-home advice to keep consumers spotless. It is an extension of Clorox's stain-removal strategy.

Here is a screen grab of the various stain removal tips users can search for:

Here are tips for a wine stain:

MyStain makes the Clorox brand's stain removal expertise more accessible to consumers.

The myStain application lets consumers search for quick, step-by-step cleaning instructions from Dr. Laundry.

The application includes an interactive game in which people can spin a wheel of stains and life situations to get funny stain removal tips for all occasions.

Here is a screen grab of the game portion of the application:

There is also a version available on the Clorox2 Web site at

The application targets moms, who are known to be on the go and searching for stain removal tips.

Many of Clorox?s tips have light-hearted copy that demonstrates that the company does not take itself too seriously and it can have fun with stain removal tips.

Users of the application can also share stain removal tips with their friends on Facebook, through a "Post Tip" feature.

Consumers can also share findings via email and Twitter for a word-of-mouth effect.

?We knew we had great content on stain removal tips so we decided to reach moms, via smartphones, at the POS - Point of Stain - with valuable information about how to help get rid of stains in real time,? Mr. Kellis said. ?We also have solutions for treating stains at home.

?The app is addressing the need for stain removal tips when stains actually happen,? he said. ?For instance, artificial sweetener can help soak up grease stains, and make the actual job of stain removal, when the person gets home and is doing laundry, much more effective.

?So we're helping consumers both on-the-go and at home with valuable stain solutions.?