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Samsung attempts Guinness record for fastest SMS while skydiving

Electronics giant Samsung Telecommunications America is looking to set another Guinness World Record by aiming for the skies.

Samsung Mobile, as the company is known in the United States, earlier this month ran an effort to set a Guinness record for fastest text messaging while skydiving.

Called Samsung Mobile Xtreme Testing, the event this month came 10 months after Samsung held the fastest text message contest and set another Guinness record in the process.

For the most recent effort, Samsung required a team of professional skydivers to text message while freefalling from 12,000 feet outside the Los Angeles city limits.

Ten skydivers used a range of Samsung Mobile messaging phones for this challenge. The devices included the Samsung Propel, Samsung Gravity, Samsung Rant, Samsung Alias and Samsung Messager models.

The Samsung Mobile Xtreme Texting event, like its predecessor in February, was used to promote the company's new line of text messaging mobile phones.

The skydivers had their work cut out. They had to accurately text this phrase:

"The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human."

The skydivers had only one minute to text the phrase while freefalling before pulling their parachutes and gliding to the ground.

After the 10 skydivers landed safely on the ground and their phones were checked for accuracy, the video shot by two aerial videographers and another two on the ground was sent to Guinness World Records in London for judging.

Guinness publishes record-breaking achievements through its annual Guinness World Records book and Web site. The site at attracts an estimated 11 million unique visitors annually.

If successfully attempted and accepted, Guinness will create a new "Fastest Text Messaging While Skydiving" entry in its database.

Jeremy Sng Gim of Singapore holds the current Guinness record for "Fastest Text Message."
Mr. Gim typed the prescribed 160-character phrase on his mobile phone Feb. 24 in 41.40 seconds. That was Samsung's first promotion for its mobile phones using the text message theme.

All the Samsung phones used in the skydiving contest have a full QWERTY keyboard and include Web, camera, video, MP3 player, Bluetooth and gaming options, depending on the model. But all can text.