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MTV and Trojan keep up relevancy of sex ed campaign with YouTube

Trojan and MTV hope to keep the ongoing sex education awareness campaign relevant for the target audience by rolling out a new approach featuring YouTube personality Laci Green. 

It?s Your Sex Life is MTV's long-standing campaign that aims to educate young adults on sex issues through content that appeals to the younger demographics, with its latest facet, the Co Zone promoting Trojan products as well as a positive brand sentiment for the network. The campaign?s partnership with Ms. Green is attempting to continue drawing in the age group through YouTube, a platform substantially popular with millennials, in a language that these consumers appeal to more as well. 

Laci Green is known as sex educator on YouTube, becoming popular through her own channels in which she discussed significant social issues regarding sex, race and religion.

"With over 85 percent of Americans saying they never see the condom moment on TV or in movies, it is clear that entertainment needs a sex-ed refresher," said Bruce Weiss, vice president of marketing at Trojan Brand Condoms. "In response, Trojan has partnered with MTV?s social talent, Laci Green, a YouTube vlogger and peer sex educator, to put some protection in pop culture with a series of digital videos and blog posts. 

"Trojan aims to mainstream the conversation by speaking to real life condom moments and conversations from a modern day and mature perspective," he said. "Trojan is excited to partner with Laci to create content that educates, entertains and informs Millennials with real facts about sexual health and the underlying theme of condom compliance."

Staying up-to-date
A series of videos will be shared through social media and YouTube featuring Ms. Green discussing important health related sex issues, focusing on the importance of using condoms. Through each partners? social media pages, discussions will be prompted and information shared in an attempt to get consumers wearing condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancy and spread of disease. 

For instance a Ms. Green shared a myth busting text post on the campaign site shared on social media, in which she provided truth to clear up misconceptions regarding condoms and sex, such as the falsehood of not needing condoms while on birth control. A series of scripted videos have also been released on YouTube, and she will be releasing a variety of footage as well, prompting discussions and sharing facts. 

Almost two decades later the campaign is still going strong, but to stand the test of time MTV needs to consistently update its strategy to stay relevant, and social media is currently a huge part of that. Although IYSL still aims for the same age group, these individuals are vastly different than their predecessors and adjusting to the YouTube, social media and mobile centric minds of current teens is vital for continued success. 

YouTube Sensation
A widespread trend of YouTube stars partnering with big brands is taking over marketing.

An executive from Coca-Cola at the 2015 Integrated Marketing Week detailed how the brand uses YouTube and its stars as a jumping-off point to experiment with marketing innovation and connect with millennials (see more).

Viacom is known for appealing to younger demographics. Recently, it had fun and celebrated with consumers through the selfie singing application Hook?d to promote its international summer events, a contest and a variety of content (see more). 

"As the most trusted name in protection for more than 90 years, Trojan continues to be a leader in the sexual health arena and remains dedicated to providing couples everywhere with accessible products that provide protection and enhance pleasure, no matter the stage of life they are in," Mr. Weiss said. "Realizing the importance of encouraging positive sexual health, condom compliance and the drop-off in condom use couples experience in the first two months of new relationships, the makers of Trojan Brand Condoms and MTV are continuing the condom conversation with new Co Zone content, including Laci Green?s digital series kicking off on Thursday, August 27, 2015 on Laci?s YouTube channel. 

"The digitally-driven program encourages couples to have an open dialogue on condoms, while reinforcing the importance of continued usage at any stage in a relationship," he said. "Trojan remains dedicated to educating consumers on the benefits of continued condom use and hopes couples will join the conversation with #CoZone."

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Marketer