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World Series attendees hype games with dynamic Snapchat filters

Major League Baseball World Series attendees are sharing pictures and video featuring dynamic geofilters on Snapchat that incorporate scores and statistics relevant to the games, helping to escalate the hype. 

Snapchat has been an effective tool for marketers in reaching consumers with non-intrusive advertising with a more opt-in approach especially with its geofilters. Stats will be partnering with Snapchat to generate excitement with baseball fans, spreading awareness and promotion regarding the World Series. 

"Not to be rhetorical but fans can tend to be fanatical about their teams, and leveraging dynamic geofilters with up to the minute content during a sports event is the very thing fans want to be doing in their social media networks," said Marci Troutman CEO of SiteMinis. "Allowing fans to have easier access to this 'up to the minute' content through a social media outlet that can be shared instantly is incredible and will enable the competitive nature of fans to be even more prevalent during events."

Snapchat grand slam 
Mobile Snapchat users attending the World Series championship games are given the opportunity to immerse themselves digitally and share their experience with other users. Stats is now sharing its scoring data with the multimedia messaging application, to incorporate game information in user-generated content. 

The platform uses geofencing technology to create a perimeter in which attendees located within are the only ones to leverage the filter. Users can take pictures and videos during the games and then swipe to discover filters related to the game, which will layer on top of the user?s content displaying information such as team names and the current score. 

Snapchat users were able to leverage this feature in recent NBA and MLB games, but this marks the first championship introduction of Stats data with geofilters. This format of interactive filters was introduced to Snapchat in partnership with the Weather Channel and GPS technology in which users can post pictures with filters showcasing the current temperature of where they are located or speed at which they are traveling. 
The format of advertising benefits both marketers and consumers, as users become excited to leverage to unique and new content. Consumers enjoy showing off their experiences through pictures and video on social media, for marketers to tap into that with advertisement that enhances the experience rather than hinders it, is key to an effective connection.  

Snapchat marketing superstar
Similarly, Spectre 007 is the latest James Bond film and, to hype up its release, MGM partnered with Snapchat for a 24-hour Discovery channel giving fans access to behind-the-scenes and exclusive content (see more). 

Nonprofit Feeding America also raised awareness of the hunger problem in the United States with a comprehensive mobile-driven campaign that takes the typical selfie activation to the next level by leveraging Snapchat for an out-of-home engagement opportunity (see more). 

With snapchat and STATS partnership enabling the real time plays and scoring instantly at several venues, the fans will most likely be the ones to push for a continued growth to have the option available at their venue of choice, I am looking forward to see how fast this spreads to all venues as an option," Ms. Troutman said. "Fans will always want to 'share' their teams success."

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Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Marketer