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QVC capitalizes on bevy of video content for in-app merchandising

QVC is ramping up its mobile strategy to maximize the holiday sector of the retail year through a page specific for Black Friday deals and the introduction of product pages. Its recent app update is an attempt to create a comprehensive experience for users to get the most out of their QVC experience. 

?Adding video to the QVC mobile app provides shoppers another visual way to evaluate products before they make their purchase decision and they do not need to open a separate browser to view the video,? said David Naumann, director of marketing at Boston Retail Partners. ?While consumers are shopping on their phones, having everything they want to know about a product within the app makes it convenient and helps spur impulse purchases.?

Video importance

App users for QVC can now get a more in-depth look at the products they are interested in through the videos on the product pages. These pages will now provide more information as the retailer attempts to provide consumers with all the details they would need regarding products. 

An important part of the videos is that it provides a native experience in which users do not have to leave the app, or even the page to view the video. This creates a much more positive image for viewers and also drives amount of views. 

The Black Friday feature will help shoppers during the frenzy surrounding the hectic shopping day to provide a more convenient and organized experience, which can also drive sales. An entire page will be dedicated to the event, showcasing the special deals only available during the holiday weekend. 

Mobile video
Warner Bros. also embraced personalization in a campaign delivering mobile videos created for specific opted-in users that hype the release of the studio's new film The 33 (see more). 

General Mills? Yoplait Go-Gurt brand also crafted a wider audience with a new campaign featuring Bob Vila and several YouTube celebrities concocting creative ways to get the last drop of yogurt out of the product?s signature tube (see more). 

?Many of QVC?s sales are influenced by consumers seeing the products on TV and these consumers obviously enjoy watching product demonstrations,? Mr. Naumann said. ?QVC understands its customers? visual preferences and they also realize that making mobile shopping a one-stop shopping experience by providing everything at the shopper?s fingertips will help prevent them from leaving the mobile app and potentially purchasing from another retail site.

It is a smart move by QVC,? he said. 

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Marketer