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Lenovo video campaign encourages young girls to take up programming

Lenovo is partnering with Amy Poehler?s Smart Girls organization for a new social and mobile video campaign aimed at getting young girls interested in coding and computer science.

The series will highlight successful women in the computing industry. In addition to sending an inspirational and powerful message, Lenovo will benefit from the brand association and long-term value of inspiring new customers in the future.

?Lenovo and Smart Girls both have a passion for using technology to enable young people to pursue their dreams,? said Meredith Walker, co-founder and executive director of Amy Poehler?s Smart Girls, producers of the three-part video series. ?Coding gives you the power to create just about anything ? from games and computers to rockets and robots ? and our goal in producing this video series was to inspire through the stories of trailblazers in the field.?

Women in coding
For any brand, marketing should be about more than just attracting new customers. Brands can also use marketing tactics to cultivate their audience and encourage people to grow into customers.

Lenovo is taking this idea to heart with a new social video series aimed at getting young girls interested in computer science and coding.

The campaign is being created in partnership with Smart Girls, an organization dedicated to promoting education and success of women in fields that are traditionally male-dominated.

Computer science is one such industry, and Lenovo has created a video series that shines a spotlight on women who have found success in the coding and computer science worlds.

The first video focuses on Betty Holberton, one of the first computer programmers ever in the 1950s. A second video following Dr. Shella Nirenberg and her working developing sight through neural coding is forthcoming.

Additionally, the brand will create videos of mentoring sessions between adult women in the computer science world and teen girls who are interested in the path.

These videos will debut on social media, through Lenovo?s YouTube page, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Smart Girls
While large strides have been made in gender equality in the US, obstacles still remain for women. Some of them are tangible, such as the wage gap, but others are based more on cultural norms.

These norms can help explain the lack of women in certain industries, and the bias against women who want to work in programming and computer science still exists.

Lenovo is hoping to combat that with this campaign, not just to attract women who are already interested in computing, but to attract young girls who will grow into computer-purchasing consumers in years down the road.

This cultivation of the market shows that Lenovo is committed to long-term projects as well as enhancing social good.

Targeting young women has been a popular marketing tactic among video marketers with both MTV (see story) and Activia (see story) debuting video campaigns aimed at offering inspiring messages to young women.

?We build our technology to empower young people to become not just content consumers, but content creators,? said Ajit Sivadasan, Lenovo vice president/general manager global ecommerce. ?Lenovo is committed to the STEAM movement in the US and is taking steps through programs like this to ensure we are invested in helping our young people be motivated and inspired to look into STEAM-related fields.?