SPEED, SCOPE, VALUE: The “Iron Triangle” of Marketing Content Management

Is it time for marketers and content management system decision-makers to join forces before selecting the right CMS for their business? Perfect Sense and Industry Dive have teamed up to present a new playbook highlighting:

·       Three factors that make up the “Iron Triangle”

·       How decision-makers can use the triangle to guide the process of selecting a CMS

·       How companies balance the three legs of the triangle

·       Why marketers should have a voice in the CMS selection

·       Which questions marketers should answer before a CMS choice is made


Understanding the “Iron Triangle” of content management can help guide the process of selecting a CMS that provides maximum scope and versatility, while driving value across the enterprise. And, learning to integrate a marketer’s valuable insights when choosing a CMS can help achieve the full potential value of the system.


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