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Sephora takes to Snapchat video filters to hype new product

Sephora has taken to Snapchat to announce the availability of Urban Decay's Gwen Stefani eye shadow palette, leveraging the messaging application?s recent introduction of innovative new filters and jumping in on a trending topic on social media. 

The beauty retailer is generating hype around the highly sought after eye shadow palette inspired by Ms. Stefani through a medium in which the majority of their demographic spends a large portion of time. Snapchat?s new update is also a popular topic on social media, with brands and users alike jumping to use new features that slow, speed up and rewind short clips, and Sephora is capitalizing on that continue the excitement for the new product. 

"The best way for brands to leverage the Snapchat update comes down to creative thinking and execution,? said Marcus Krzastek, vice president of core product at VaynerMedia. 

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Since rumors of the Gwen Stefani palette started in September, users on social media have been abuzz with excitement. Sephora, one of the many retailers for the brand?s products gave a sneak peak to its followers on Snapchat on October 29. 

The retailer showed a sped up clip, which spanned the palette at top speed giving only a glimpse of the product leaving fans disappointed. However, the next clip pleasantly surprised users with a slowed down version of similarly footage, allowing fans to get the whole picture. 

These filters are exciting Snapchat fans from all over with their own interpretation of how to use it. Marketers getting involved helps them in relating to consumers and appealing to them on a personal level. 

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Similarly, Major League Baseball World Series attendees are sharing pictures and video featuring dynamic geofilters on Snapchat that incorporate scores and statistics relevant to the games, helping to escalate the hype (see more). 

Also, Spectre 007 is the latest James Bond film and, to hype up its release, MGM has partnered with Snapchat for a 24-hour Discovery channel giving fans access to behind-the-scenes and exclusive content (see more). 

"Do not just use the filter to use the filter, use it to make an idea that entertains or informs in a better way," Mr. Krzastek said. 

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Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Marketer